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What to do with your Pets While Painting?

March 1, 2017 / Tips

Painting can be stressful for your pets, unlike with other family members you can’t give them a heads up. Here at White Knight Painting we are pet friendly and want to do whatever we can to make the process a simple as


So what can be done to keep your pet happy?

If your pet is up for it we would love to meet them!
By letting them say hi they now know who’s in the house. A lot of dogs (and cats) like to meet new people and calm down quickly after meeting them.
Is there a trick to get your pet feel comfortable with new people? Let us know, we will do our best to accommodate them.
What do we recommend during painting inside? While we are painting in your home it is recommended to keep them separated from the room we are painting. Animals are very curious and we want to keep the paint on the walls. A painted cat is not a happy cat.
What do we recommend during painting outside? Although most animals will spend their time outside in some cases a dog will need to be in the same area as our painters. Please work with our painters so they are aware of when the dog is outside and that the dog is supervised at all times by you to prevent mishaps.

All in all we want your painting project to go as smoothly as possible and to make
sure everyone of your family members are comfortable during the process.

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