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Safety and Insurance


Whether our painters are completing an interior or exterior painting job, they are serious about safety when painting your home or office. This is the result of extensive training in job site safely. It is also about continuously revisiting issues that affect the wellbeing of our clients and employees. We do on-site training and monthly safety meetings to ensure we are all educated on the most current procedures. We find repetition is important and revisit our curriculum multiple times throughout the year. While at work painting your home or office, you can trust us to practise progressive safety measures to prevent accidents before they happen. The entire White Knight Painting team is passionate about using every opportunity to learn and to stay up-to-date on practices that keep our employees and clients safe.


White Knight Painting Ltd. is fully insured to protect your home or office and those on the job site. We carry two million dollars of liability from Wynward Insurance Group and Work Safe BC coverage (WCB 200951917). We also screen our painters with thorough background checks before hiring to ensure the security of your home or office.

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