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Painting Services for Condo Associations Victoria, BC

Over time, interior and exterior paint jobs wear out, leaving an outdated look that diminishes property values. You might’ve tried to save money last time by doing it yourself or hiring a contractor who was inexpensive but without the proper credentials. In the end, the painting project might’ve cost more in repairs and residents’ unhappiness. Choosing the right painting company can save you time and money while keeping residents informed.

At White Knight Painting, we take control of painting your condos so you can take it easy. Our team of experienced painters help preserve and protect that investment while keeping residents and association board members informed. White Knight Painting will notify residents of upcoming work, and we’ll schedule door painting so you don’t have to. We’ll even answer residents’ questions and calls directly ourselves.

People want to be proud of their homes, but they don’t want an endless parade of painters getting in the way. It’s important that we complete the painting job efficiently and with the least disruption to people’s lives. We provide quotes promptly, and our prices are competitive and accurate.

You can also feel secure when we’re on site, too. At White Knight Painting, we conduct full background checks and provide ongoing training for our employees. We’ll use the same crew throughout your project, and assign a single project manager, ensuring consistency and accountability.

We are a fully insured Victoria, BC painting company, and we carry comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage that protects your association if anyone is injured at a job site. We also protect more than just our employees. We take precautions to ensure that neither landscaping nor property is damaged in the course of our work.

And when we’re through, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that our paint job comes with a full warranty.

Learn more about our painting process or contact White Knight Painting today for a free estimate.

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