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Painting Jobs Victoria BC

If you enjoy painting, like to be appreciated for your hard work and want to be taken seriously as a skilled craftsman, White Knight Painting might be the painting company in Victoria, BC for you. We will challenge your assumptions about what it means to be a painter and will work with you to turn you a professional who is treated with respect.

White Knight Painting employees believe that being a painter means more than owning a set of tools and receiving a paycheque. Instead, we believe in craftsmanship which is a process of constantly learning. White Knight Painting will give you the opportunity to grow with the company. We expect all of our employees to aim for the top: to learn how to run a crew, to manage projects small and large, and to be leaders, both on the job and in the community.

It is White Knight Painting’s goal to provide each employee the opportunity to develop their painting skills and expand their professional development while enjoying the monetary rewards of a job well done. We firmly believe that each employee should be paid according to their ability to perform. Most importantly, employees must be provided the opportunity to increase their earnings based on their efforts to improve and expand on their skill set.

The wage increase program is developed to give specific guidelines as to our expectations for knowledge and skills and how they directly relate to the pay scale. White Knight Painting employees are also given the opportunity to know exactly what is required of them and what they need to accomplish earn an increase in pay. This open, straight-forward method empowers White Knight Painting employees to constantly strive for excellence while expanding their knowledge of the trade.

We are dedicated to ensuring that each White Knight Painting employee knows they are appreciated for their efforts. We are proud of our employees and look forward to helping each one become successful in their chosen career.

Please take a moment to review our job descriptions. If you see a position that you’d like to apply for, carefully fill out our online application here.

Please note that only fully completed applications will be contacted for an interview.

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