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Exterior Painting Services in Victoria, BC

Lasting exteriors

Exterior paint both protects and beautifies. The exterior of a house reflects those who live there so it’s no wonder that you want the outside of your home to look as polished as the inside. Painting your home in the perfect combination of colours creates a place you can be proud to call your own.

Painting is also one of the most important maintenance projects for your home. Often, paint and caulking are all that stops damage from weather and water. White Knight Painting is a Victoria, BC painting company that works for discerning homeowners who have tired, outdated paint that may not be fully protecting their investment or accurately reflecting the values of those who live inside.

Generally, customers who hire White Knight Painting for to paint or stain their property’s exterior are concerned about the protection, resale value and beauty of their homes. They are looking for to hire a contractor who will produce a job that will protect their home, look good, last a long time, and will be completed quickly with little mess or disruption.

Heritage Homes

While owning a heritage home is a wonderful way to celebrate our history, there’s no doubt that as time passes, surfaces wear and upgrades are necessary. When this happens, consider White Knight Painting. Our team of craftsmen has an in-depth knowledge of building and restoration practices. We are also versed in the specific policies and guidelines set out by municipalities to protect these historical sites.

Let White Knight Painting help you preserve the history and integrity of your heritage home so that you can create a history of our own.

Natural Wood Work

Natural wood exteriors are no longer just for vacation homes and log cabins. Increasingly, natural wood is being used for residential and even commercial properties. While this look is popular and attractive, it requires ongoing upkeep to ensure that it retains its aesthetic appeal.

White Knight Painting has plenty of experience with maintaining and treating natural wood surfaces. Whether it’s your summer property or your permanent home, the White Knight Painting team will bring out the material’s natural beauty and extend its life so you can feel comfortable that your investment is protected.


Those of us who are lucky enough to live on the West Coast enjoy more days without snow and sub-freezing temperatures. As a result, we are able to use our decks and backyards year round. While the weather on Vancouver Island is mild, there’s no doubt that it’s also moist, which can quickly lead to the degradation of your patio.

Left unmaintained, a rundown deck is more than an eyesore. It’s also unsafe and costly to repair or replace. White Knight Painting can repair, seal and stain your deck to protect it from the elements, ultimately saving you money over time. Outdoor decks need protection that will last for years, so trust us to make sure that your deck will.

High Height Experts

There are some jobs that many of us are simply unable to do ourselves, no matter how handy we are. At White Knight Painting, we consider ourselves high height experts. Whether it’s a vaulted ceiling and the accompanying walls, the exterior of your three-story home or your warehouse, White Knight Painting has the equipment and expertise to make sure the job is done properly and safely.

White Knight Painting is fully insured to protect your home or office and those on the job site. We carry two million dollars liability from Megson Fitzpatrick and comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage (WCB 551163). We also practise progressive safety measures to prevent accidents before they happen.

Light Carpentry and Repair

At White Knight Painting, we know that a good paint job is about more than the paint. We properly prepare surfaces such as walls, windows and wood trim to ensure the life and integrity of our work. We can also help you choose the right colors and products. We install wall coverings, refinish wood trim, perform faux finishes, and repair drywall. We can use our network of professionals to coordinate carpeting, tile, carpentry, and interior design, saving you the bother of serving as your own general contractor.

We know your time is valuable, so we make it convenient for you to use our services. Every home repair, maintenance and remodelling project is completed in a professional and courteous manner, in a time frame that works with your schedule. Our expert craftsmen remove the hassles by showing up when promised, finishing on time and on budget, and always cleaning up after themselves.

Stucco Repair

While the exterior of your house is built to withstand the elements, treatments like stucco only last so long. Over time, stucco wears down, cracks and breaks. While stucco is durable, a worn out exterior will make your property appear run down. White Knight Painting can help you make your stucco look new again.

Stucco repair requires several steps to ensure the treatment is waterproof and completely restored. In some cases, this may mean removing an entire section of the exterior. In other cases, it may mean simply patching the offending area. Regardless of the extent of the repair, White Knight Painting’s craftsmen will ensure that that job is done right the first time and for years to come.

The White Knight Painting team can help determine the scope of area that needs correcting. Then, we’ll repair your stucco and match the area to your existing colour. It’s simple, hassle-free, and we guarantee that your stucco will have never looked better.

Do you also need interior painting services? We can help. Contact White Knight Painting to request an estimate.

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