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BBB certified Painters in Victoria
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Painter Careers

Required Knowledge (all previous levels plus):

  • Complete knowledge of all safety requirements (company & legal)
  • Complete knowledge of M.S.D.S. & Tech. Data sheet purpose & use
  • Basic knowledge of job costing
  • Basic knowledge of dispute resolution techniques

Required Skills (all previous levels plus):

  • Able to develop a good rapport with customers
  • Able to perform the pre-job meeting with the customer
  • Able to estimate & prepare additional work orders & have customer sign them
  • Able to estimate small jobs (up to $1500)
  • Consistently brings jobs in on or under budget
  • Ability to correctly fill in all job forms
  • Ability to train others on all the basic painting skills
  • Good floating / tape and bed skills
  • Complete confidence with airless spray techniques & trouble shooting
  • Good skills with alkyd materials using fine finish tip airless spray
  • Excellent drywall repair, tape and texture skills
  • Basic skills for wall covering installation
  • Basic carpentry (window sill replacement, installing wood trim, simple
  • Able to collect interim and final payments

Required tools:

  • A vehicle capable of caring job sight equipment
  • Basic carpentry tools (see list)
  • Basic mechanic tools (see list)

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