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Celebrating Over 20 Years Painting in Victoria, BC

Bob Fuchs
President of
White Knight Painting


In 1995, Bob’s Quality Home Painting (BQHP) opened for business, offering painting services for homes in Victoria, BC. At first, BQHP comprised just one man, a couple of paintbrushes and a vision. Bob Fuchs, the founder of BQHP, believed that craftsmanship meant more than a house or office paint job well done. He knew that this business model would ensure the success of BQHP.  A true craftworker is respectful and courteous. They show up to work on time every day. They work efficiently and neatly to complete the paint job with as little disruption as possible for the client. Most importantly, a craftworker continues to learn and grow over the course of their career. The little things matter, making a craftworker more than just a painter.

Over time, BQHP grew, causing Bob to hire additional employees. Our painting services expanded to include commercial properties and condo associations. He soon realized that the name “Bob’s Quality Home Painting” no longer reflected the company’s size, versatility and philosophy, so we changed the name to White Knight Painting Ltd.

In 2013, Bob is now president of White Knight Painting. He and his approximately ten employees are now celebrating over 20 years of craftsmanship. This makes White Knight Painting one of the largest and oldest painting companies in Victoria, B.C. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, it’s clear that the values that guided BQHP in the 1990s continue today on each job site with each painter.

Where is White Knight Painting today?

Today, White Knight Painting is passionate about giving back to our community. Each year, we ask members of the Greater Victoria community to nominate people or businesses who could benefit from complementary painting services. We then select one winner, who receives $5,000 in free painting services from White Knight Painting. Past winners have included the Victoria Brain Injury Society, the Bridges for Women Society, and the Single Parent Resource Center.

Count on White Knight Painting for all of your painting needs. We specialize in house painting, cabinet painting, commercial painting, painting for condo associations, and maintenance and upkeep.

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