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Apprentice Level 3

Required Knowledge (all previous levels plus):

  • Complete knowledge of proper painting tools and their respective use
  • Knowledge of different types of wall covering & can identify each
  • Knowledge of airless spray equipment components and maintenance
  • Knowledge and practice of proper brush and roller equipment maintenance
  • Understanding of all substrate terms (wainscot, soldier course… etc.)

Required Skills (all previous levels plus):

  • Safely handling ladders up to 40 feet
  • Ability to cut clean lines for brush and roll work
  • Good rolling skills for flat, eggshell, and semi gloss paint materials
  • Good brushing skills for detailed trim work
  • Good finished product for painting windows and doors
  • Perfected wood preparation (caulk, putty and sand)
  • Good window glazing skills
  • Perfected wall surface preparation (spackle & putty)
  • Perform a few basics of wall covering removal without damaging walls
  • Power wash without substrate damage
  • Chemical injection power washing – correctly with proper formulas
  • Effective pot tender activities (airless spraying – back up)
  • Consistent on perfect cleaning of airless spray equipment

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