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Greek Paint Colors

September 3, 2020 / Colour Selection, Easy Renovations, Home Renovations, Interiors, Tips

Vacation Cancelled… Now What?

Travelling this winter to sunny, interesting locations will not happen this winter for many of us.

Why not bring the paint colours of our favorite vacation and travel destinations home?

There is an enormous world of colour. From the chili pepper reds of Mexico to the soft lavenders of southern France, the world’s paint colour pallet is varied, fun and exciting.

And we can bring them home with us.

Greys and whites have dominated interior painting for too long now. It’s time to bring colour back into our lives.

We’ve teamed up with Sam Parsons, the Architect and Designer Representative of Cloverdale Paint in Victoria, BC.. Every two weeks for the next 6 months Sam and White Knight Painting will bring you colour and design inspirations from around the world.

First on our journey is the ancient country of Greece. From the deep blues of the Aegean Sea to the green, red and white colour melody of a Greek salad, the inspiration is diversified and exciting.

Greek Living Room Paint Colours

“Colour is a universal nonverbal language that communicates through hues, saturation, value and vibrancy, which is why picking the right colour combination can be crucial to your next painting project! Inspired by the colours of Greece, I choose clean whites and rich toned blues to bring this interior space to life. Blues are known to help regulate a cool and healthy body temperature and continuously keep you happy and in a positive mood as this hue is the most common colour seen in nature. This will work in your favour, especially once winter comes and these colours lose their natural vibrancy.”

 Speaking of Greek inspiration. Greek Fest continues this weekend in Victoria. I can attest that the food is great. Have some fun this weekend, eat some great Greek Food, and soak in all the colours.

Check it out at Greek Fest or Face Book Greek Fest

Next we explore the colours of Bavaria during Oktoberfest.

Take a moment and imagine the colours of the places you’ve visited or hope to visit. Let us know, and you could win a complementary colour consultation with Sam.

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