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The Colours of Hope and Happiness.

October 16, 2020 / Colour Selection, Easy Renovations, Home Renovations, Interiors, Tips

Warm, Hope and Happiness
Bring the colours of warmth, hope and happiness into your home.

It’s time to bring the colours of warmth, hope and happiness into our homes.

Those greys and whites that looked so stylish and inviting in the warm summer light somehow don’t feel so uplifting as the days get shorter and dark clouds fill the sky.

How did grey, blue and white become so prevalent in our homes?

These are the colours of steadfastness and reliability. This current colour trend was born in the financial crisis of 2008. Then our primary focus was our financial wellbeing. When I think of grey, blue and white, I think of the uniforms of bankers and lawyers. And like any uniform, these colours hide a lot of who we are.

This crisis is different and affects us on many more levels.

For many years my parents would load up their RV and head south to Arizona for dry air and winter sunshine, but not this year. This year is different. This year, like most Snowbirds, they’re staying home.

It’s not just the Snowbirds who will spend more time in their homes. We all will.

We’re missing our family and friends. We’re restricted in our movement. Our jobs and businesses are uncertain, and we don’t know if or when things will improve.

This year our homes have become our oasis like never before. Never before have the colours we choose been so important to our wellbeing.

Why not add the colours of warmth, hope and happiness into our homes?

Imagine yourself with your loved ones at the beach, with the beautiful blue sky over your head and fluffy white clouds? Or are you walking through the desert, with the warm air and subtle pastels of the landscape? Or does the kaleidoscope of colours of morning sunrise make you feel hope?

It’s not about the “colour of year” or the “latest design trends.”

Our homes extend who we are and what we value. Get out of your corporate uniform. Forget about what other people think. Now is a time to be courageous and bold.

This week we honour the grounded Snowbirds with the warm colours of the South West. Check out these new colour ideas for your home.

New Colour Ideas for your Home
The Warm Colours of the South West

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