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Smooth Out Texture

January 3, 2014 / Home Renovations, Interiors, Tips

Smooth Out Texture

The shag carpeting and avocado green appliances are long gone. Why are you still putting up with those ugly and dated popcorn ceilings? It’s hard to believe that people ever thought popcorn looked good. What were they thinking?

People learn to live with the horrible texture thinking it’s almost impossible to fix. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore anymore.

White Knight Painting has developed a system to smooth textured walls and ceilings without the usual mess and high costs. No matter how horrible or textured it may be, from popcorn ceilings to plastered walls, we can smooth it.

All that you need do is move the small stuff, we’ll do the rest.

We’ll move furniture, protect the flooring, seal the room from the rest of the house and create a negative airspace to prevent dust from leaving the work space.We even use the best sump pump 2017 to work with the paint so we keep everything clean.

Our workers will show up on time every day, work hard and will stick with your job until it’s done.

And when it’s all finished, we’ll take all the garbage away, cleanup up and put your furniture back.

In no time at all, your textured walls and ceilings can be a nostalgic memory of the past along with the shag carpeting, and avocado appliances.

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