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Simple Bathroom Makeovers

January 17, 2011 / Bathroom Renovations, Easy Renovations, Interiors

If there’s ever an ideal time to focus on interior renovations and house painting, it’s January. The weather is chilly, the holidays have passed, and some have made New Year’s resolutions that involve household organization. So when we hang up a new calendar and rain continues to fall in Greater Victoria, the crew at White Knight Painting thinks about sprucing up interior rooms like bathrooms.

Over the last few years, bathroom makeovers have become increasingly popular. It’s a room that has evolved beyond its original purpose and also sees a significant amount of traffic. For many, the bathroom is an oasis – a place to run a bubble bath, read a book and unwind. However, it’s difficult to relax in a room where the fixtures are worn out and the decor is outdated.

Whether it’s a simple update or a complete overhaul, renovating your bathroom will not only make it more comfortable but can also increase the value of your home. But do you think that all bathroom renovations have to be expensive and full of hassle? We disagree.

Simple updates, such as refinishing your cabinets, can quickly and easily give new life to a tired bathroom without hurting your wallet or causing headaches. White Knight Painting can stain or spray paint cabinet doors efficiently and professionally, ensuring that you experience minimal disruption in your home. Allowing craftsmen like the White Knight Painting team take care of tasks like cabinet spray painting will also ensure that the new treatment look great years from now.

The bathtub is often one of the main reasons why people begin thinking of remodeling. If you’re tired of looking at your stained and chipped bathtub, talk to us about refinishing your bathtub. By letting White Knight Painting deal with the details, you can enjoy a like-new bathtub without the hassle of trying to refinish it yourself or installing in new tub.

Stop feeling embarrassed about one of the most important rooms in your house. This winter, call on White Knight Painting to update your bathroom decor. Whether it’s a cabinet or bathtub refinish within your existing layout or a full-on renovation, White Knight Painting has you covered.

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