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March is National Ladder Saftey Month

February 26, 2018 / Home Renovations

Across North America about 2,000 ladder related injuries occur every day and 364 deaths occur each year from falls. And while you may think you’re not susceptible to these Injuries, there are a lot of everyday tasks that require ladders. People use ladders for tasks like: changing light bulbs, hanging home decor, cleaning your roof or gutters, and even reaching the top shelf of the kitchen pantry.

Get a better understanding of Ladder Safety and help promote safer habits this March during National Ladder Safety Month. We have several resources to help you make smart choices and stay safe:

Ladders 101: One of the top reasons for Ladder-related injuries is from choosing the wrong ladder for the job.
Ladder Safety Checklist: Now you’ve chosen the right Ladder for the job, ensure you know how to use the ladder safely – following these guidelines.
5 Most Common Causes of Ladder Injuries: View and share this video that provides a sneak peek of National Ladder Safety Month’s segment on The Lifestyle List, which airs March 10.

Ladder safety is something everyone should understand. Learn more and keep an eye out for information on next week’s National Ladder Safety Month topic, Ladder Safety at Work: Focus on the Safety Administrator.

Visit the National Ladder Safety Month website for more information.

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