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Kid’s Room Color Ideas

November 18, 2020 / Home Renovations

Kid with smiling faces drawn on palms against pink background, closeup

With Mickey Mouse turning 92 today, I thought it would be fun to looks at Kid’s room colors.

We won’t be able to take our children and grandchildren to meet with Mickey this year, but we can bring those colors home.

Kid’s rooms are fun to paint, and your Kid’s favorite cartoon characters can be great inspiration.

I loved Mickey Mouse Club when I was a kid. And while I watched in in black and white, I remember it in color.

Now here’s a cool trick I sometimes use for matching paint colors.

It’s a Website called Easy RBG and you can use it to find the closest color match in your favorite paint brand.

So to find Mickey Mouse Club paint colours:

Do a quick Google search of Mickey Mouse Club colors.

Up will pop the colors listed in industry standard formats like: Hex Color; RBG; or CMYG.

Next we need to turn those into a paint color, and that is where Easy RBG Comes in.

Go to EasyRBG

Here, we are going to choose the Match Color Data to Commercial Colors option.

I entered the RBG color code and choose a paint manufacture, and up pops the closest paint color matches.

EasyRBG is a great way to play round with color.

Sometimes it just easier to bring a professional. Here is what Sam Parsons of Cloverdale Paint came up with:

Thank you, Sam. These Kid Room Colors capture the spirit of the project perfectly.

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