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Interior Design and Colour Selection

March 7, 2011 / Interiors, Easy Renovations, Kitchen Renovations

Choosing the right colours for a room isn’t easy. Trends come and go, and it can be difficult to know what colours will look great a year or more from now. A well-decorated room with professionally applied colour is the perfect combination for an aesthetically pleasing space. But before anyone picks up a paint brush, you have to decide on a hue that you’ll love for more than a season. Where do you start?

From our experience, colour selection is one of the most intimidating aspects of interior design and renovating your home. Walls take up the majority of a room and everyone knows that colour selection is important, but there are so many to choose from!

Before you start panicking, take a deep breath and ask yourself whether you want to undertake such an important decision on your own. If the answer is no, White Knight Painting in Victoria, BC is here to help. We can assist with interior design and colour selection so that you can relax.

White Knight Painting has teamed up with Benjamin Moore Painting and Decorating Services to guide you in the right direction. White Knight Painting and Benjamin Moore Painting & Decorating Services will combine our professional education and your personal taste to achieve a look that will impress both you and your guests. Then, our painters’ dedication to perfection extends to all parts of the job, from prep to clean-up, so that your time and belongings are respected and your walls are flawlessly covered in beautiful colour.

If you are brave enough to select your own colours, start by thinking about the space that you would like to transform. Have you already picked out all of the furniture and window treatments? We recommend having these decisions made so that you can work around existing pieces. This also makes it easier to narrow down your decision to colours that accent the items in the room.

Below, we’ve shared a few helpful tools to help you get started. Together, these will prompt you to start thinking about what colours work well in your space and will give you a chance to try them out online.

1)      Benjamin Moore’s free Colour Capture app for the iPhone allows you to draw colour inspiration wherever you are. This application allows you to take a photo of a colour, and, with a couple of taps, reveals the closest Benjamin Moore paint colour.

2)      Benjamin Moore’s Personal Colour Viewer allows you to upload a photo of the space you wish to transform and experiment with how different colours look on your wall… Without lifting a paint brush or sorting through countless colour swatches.

As always, if you are still completely stumped, leave the hard work to us. Contact White Knight Painting today for help with colour selection.

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