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Exterior Painting in the Shoulder Season

February 13, 2015 / Exteriors, Home Renovations, Tips

Many people ask us if it’s okay to paint outside in winter. For example: gardeners want the painting completed before the spring flowers come out on mass: many are preparing to sell their home; and others just can’t wait to see the new colour.

The answer is a qualified “yes you can paint without sacrificing the quality or longevity of the paint job.”

It’s important to understand that the chemists at the paint companies have done amazing things the last 15 years. Most modern exterior paints can be applied at temperatures as low as 2° Celsius. Specialty products such as Sherwin Williams Resilience can even with withstand rain in as little as 2 hours after being applied. Thus the temperatures in Victoria are more than warm enough.

Understanding the limitations is likewise important. The surface needs to be dry, thus homes need a large protective overhangs and protection from wind driven rain. Similarly homes on the water or on ridges don’t make good candidates. Likewise homes with little or no eves and exposed horizontal areas such as decks and stairs need the warmer drier weather of late spring.

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