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Black and Green Discolouration on Your Exterior Paint

March 10, 2015 / Tips, Exteriors, Power Washing

This year’s wet and mild winter has been a boon for early flowering bulbs, trees and scrubs. I’m sure this

year’s flower count will come out to be a record year. Spring flowers aren’t the only things thriving in

the mild wet weather. Mildew and algae is flourishing on our homes too.

Black or green discolouration shows up on our homes in sheltered areas. For example: soffits and

carport ceilings and especially on the north side walls. Mildew shows up as black spots or streaks and

algae green spots or streaks. Anywhere it’s moist and sheltered from the sun are prone to mildew and


The big problem with mildew and algae is that it’s ugly. Many people worry its permanent and they will

need to repaint to get rid of it. The good news is that if your paint is in good condition the mildew and

algae can be cleaned away. The recommended cleaning solution to remove mildew and algae is one part

household bleach, 3 parts water and laundry detergent or regular dish soap. Spray or wipe the solution

on the surface and let it sit for about twenty minutes. It’s important to make sure the cleaning solution

doesn’t dry out, so if it’s warm out you may have to add more solution to keep it wet.

After twenty minutes most surfaces just rinse off clean by spraying the area with a garden hose.

Stubborn areas may need a second application and/or scrubbing or gentle power washing. It may be

impossible to completely remove the staining from porous unpainted stucco, but painted stucco cleans

up fine.

Make sure you’re protected if you’re going to do this task yourself. Wear eye goggles, rubber gloves and

clothes you don’t mind being bleached. You could always just call us at White Knight Painting, we will take care of it without any of the hassle.


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