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And the Winner is…

February 20, 2018 / Charity Jobs, Interiors

The time has finally come to announce White Knight Painting’s 10th Annual Charity Paint Give Away. This year we’ll be painting the Threshold Housing Society. As always it was a hard choice as so many wonderful people made nominations. Thank you to everyone that sent in a nomination and helped to make this another great year!  If your nominee wasn’t selected, don’t worry, there is always next year. As always, you can start nominating again in November.

This year our job will be starting on March 5th. I can’t wait to see the final results!

What is the Threshold Society All About?

How was the Threshold Housing Society created?

Threshold Housing Society was created in 1990 by a group of individuals associated with the Anglican church. They wanted to bring change to individuals living on the streets. soon after it became clear that one of the contributing factors to homelessness in this region was the cost of housing. It was also clear that in many cases, people just needed to have the support and someone to believe in them. Threshold was born out of a desire to make a change and alleviate the struggles of youth. They did this by providing a place to call home and the support of caring people who can help them plan and make the incremental changes that will help them live fuller lives.

What would you like others to know about the Threshold Housing Society?

Threshold Housing Society is committed to creating a safe and stable home environment for our community’s at-risk youth. They do this by providing programming, transitional housing, positive role models and constructive supports that help youth navigate the challenges of school, work, and relationships. Threshold aims to steer youth away from adult homelessness by providing them with the supports necessary to be healthy, contributing members of our society. Every effort of assistance made by community members, whether through donations, grants, or volunteer time helps Threshold provide youth with the foundations required to attain independence and achieve their goals. Here at Threshold Housing, we truly believe it takes a village.

How will White Knight Painting’s Charity Paint Give Away help the Threshold Housing Society?

White Knight Painting’s Charity Paint Give Away will help Threshold to create a space in our office that will be welcoming to youth and motivating to our staff. We also hope it becomes a welcoming space for the community to engage us and find out more about youth homelessness. Our goal is to create an office dynamic that is warm, welcoming, and empowering to the youth in our program. Whether the youth are dropping by for homework or resume help, meeting staff, or participating in programming, we want this space to be one where everyone feels energized. We also hope that with White Knight’s support, we can paint a picture that will help the community understand what Threshold is all about.

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