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Professional Associations – The White Knight Way

Professional painters such as those employed by White Knight Painting take pride in their work and are educated in important procedures such as proper preparation, application and safety. At White Knight Painting, we go beyond the painting basics. Our employees are active in trade associations and committed to superior customer service.

House painting began as an organized trade during the renaissance. The skills and knowledge of professional painting have been passed down and for over 400 years through organizations such as the Painters and Decorators Contractors Association (PDCA).

White Knight Painting is one of only four Victoria, BC painting companies involved with the training and education offered by the PDCA. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island.

Our commitment to education and networking further highlights our dedication to a professional painting job well done. For that reason, we’re proud to say that no paint job lasts longer than a White Knight paint job.

Learn more about our history as one of the oldest painting companies in Victoria, BC, or contact us for a free estimate.

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