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10th Annual Charity Paint Give Away

Help us bring joy to someone this holiday season with our 10th Annual Charity Paint Give-Away. Every year we look to our community to nominate an Individual, Organization or Institute that would benefit from our $5,000 Charity Paint Give Away.

By changing the colour of a room you change the whole dynamic of the room. Imagine how good it would make someone feel to be able to walk into a freshly painted space.

Check out some of our previous winners


About the Charity Paint Give Away

We have been working in the community since 1996 and have always had great support. We are able to build our business because of the great people in this community. We started to wonder what we could do in order to give back to this wonderful community. In 2008 we came up with our Charity Paint Give Away. This is our way to get the community to rally around an Individual, Organization or Institution that is in need of a fresh paint job. The winner receives $5,000 worth of painting services.

How Does it Work?

First we open up our nominations. People can nominate any Individual, Organization or Institution that helps in the community. You can do this by filling out the form to the left.  Nominations are open from November 15- January 15th.

Next we choose our top three finalists. There are many factors involved including how many nominations are recieved, if the nominee is aware they are being nominated and if our services would benifit them.

We then visit our top three choices and have a look at what we can do to help freshen up their spaces.

Once we have chosen a winner we announce it via our newsletter and other social media.

At the end of the job we do another blast to let everyone know how it went and also to show the new look.

Winners will also be linked on our newsletter as our “charity of the year”



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Nomination Form

1. Be as detailed as possible.
2. Make sure the nominee is aware that they are being nominated.
3. Get your friends, family and co-workers involved, the more nominations the better.
4. Get your nominations in by January 15 2018

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